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Photo Mink

Well hello sugar ... I am a southern belle from Memphis TN and my friends call me MINK.  I have to say the picture here doesn't do me justice, I'm really much prettier.

140621 Landi

I'm Landi and I'm told that I am one of the sweetest dogs anyone here has ever met.  Heaven knows I do love people and I always try to be a lady.

141906 Maji

Hi -- I'm Maji and I'm from Memphis, TN where I was found on Christmas Eve, and that's why they named me MAJI

Image1 Kai

Well hi.  I'm Kai and I'm the handsome Akita boy you see posted here with my friend Patty.  I am  3 years old, neutered, current on my vaccines, microchipped, housetrained and a very nice guy.

135515 Buddy

Hi, I'm Buddy and you've got to kind of overlook the out of focus picture of me.  Actually, I am extremely handsome (ask anyone!!).  I am now about 15 months old and am crate trained and I like other dogs if they understand that I really need to be the main man in the house.

Photo 1 Sasha

Hello, my name is Sasha and I'm a gorgeous golden Akita girl originally from Kansas City, Missouri.  I'm a very young 5 year old with a lot of energy and a great attitude.

Image-1 Kirby

Hi I'm Kirby.  I'm an exciting young Akita from Memphis.  I'm healthy, happy, and like people a lot.  I'm neutered, current on vaccinations, microchipped and just looking for someone to love me forever.

Lotus2 Lotus

Hi My name is Lotus and I am a Southern Belle from Memphis TN.  I am now about 2 years old.  I am a very pretty girl -- and I capitalize on that whenever there are treats around -- but it's a little hard to get a good picture of me because I just don't have a lot of time to hang out while someone plays with their camera.


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DIVA 2013 DIVA - female Akita under 2 years

Diva is a strikingly pretty Akita girl from the Baltimore area of Maryland.  She was picked up as a stray and it's anyone's guess why her owners didn't come to take her home. 



As with any Diva, our girl Diva is a glamour girl with a great sense of self.  Diva is determined to belong to a family who wants one dog and no other pets.  She's not willing to negotiate on that one.  She'll tell you she is absolutely the only dog you're ever going to need as long as her feet are on the floor and she's in charge of the house.


Diva is house and crate trained and has good house manners.  She's a very flashy girl and very friendly and loving.  She is very smart and has completed basic obedience training while with us.  


Diva has her own ideas about how to do things and will do best with a savvy Akita owner who is familiar with Akita girls who believe they own the world and are campaigning to make everyone else believe that too (yes, I did consider naming her after someone else but ... gee there were so many to choose from ... so I decided Diva suits her best.  Surprised  


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Mirabel2 MIRABELLA - Female Akita -

Mirabella is a lovely girl from the Columbia shelter in Georgia.  It is a mystery to us why her owners never came looking for her, but it seems we really hear that a lot these days.  Go figure.


Mirabella is sweet, spayed, housetrained, crate trained, vaccinated, HW clear, wormed and microchipped.  She's wonderful on lead and a pretty girl who likes people.


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Betty is an attractive pinto girl, about 3 years old. She's very sweet and doesn't appear to have had a lot of love in her life. She's one of the most agreeable dogs I have ever met.


Betty (from BARC shelter near Houston) needs to get some pictures taken. More than anything, Betty would like to be home for Christmas. Her HW test in Tx showed her at a low positive so she will be retested here next week and if necessary will receive appropriate HW treatment. Betty is house and crate trained and likes children. She is cordial with other dogs.


We have now visited with Betty on the subject of cats.  She advises us that she loves cats -- she tells us they are absolutely her favorite form of fast food but that she's confident she's usually faster.  Betty will do best in a home without cats, gerbils, hamsters, ferrets, rabbits, etc.. She does find tropical fish relaxing to watch.



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BlueMoonFiller TYLER - about a year old, darling male - Mix med/large breed

I'm Tyler and you'll probably notice that I'm not exactly an Akita.  Honestly, I don't have any idea what I am but I think Karena said something about "Akita/GSD/maybe a little chow mix" ... I had the good fortune to be abandoned in a parking lot in Memphis TN.  Why was that lucky?  Well that was lucky because Blue Moon works with this vet and gets some pretty good rates and in return a couple of times a year they get a"we're sending you a dog" silver bullet.  That means that they've done Blue Moon a big favor and so they can call in the favor and send BMAR a dog of any breed (or no breed like me) and BMAR will guarantee the dog safety until a home can be found. 



So ... just click on my picture to read the rest of my story...


ps ... Karena says "Bear with me please - he's a handsome boy but I can't find his current pictures to post .. will be forthcoming ... >

Oreo Oreo

Well, hi. My name is OREO and I'm pretty excited. I just heard two of the kennel people talking here in the shelter in Oklahoma and they said that I am going somewhere called "Colorado" to be in the Blue Moon Akita Rescue. They said it is a good thing as now I will have a chance to find a good home with people who know and love Akitas ... and they even have snow in the winter! How cool is that??

View the item details Tippy - Female Akita

Tippy is a sweet girl from Memphis TN.  When we accepted Tippy, she tested positive for heartworm.  She has now been treated, rested, spayed, vaccinated and gained weight.  She's a happy, friendly girl who is ready to pour a heartful of love into her new home.  Pictures and story for Tippy will appear here this week.   

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View the item details Ralph - Male ?Mix?

It is honestly impossible for anyone to look at Ralph and not smile.  This boy is one of the few dogs able to say he got a stay of execution in the New York City shelter.  The staff were all so taken with Ralph that they moved heaven and earth to find a rescue to take him ... and you know that was quite a move when you consider Ralph is coming to Aurora, Colorado!  We know we're an Akita rescue, but the dogs here all took a vote and decided Ralph has enough heart to be declared an honorary Akita. 


Ralph was surrendered by his owners to the animal shelter in Manhattan NY.  He is about 5 years old, neutered, great with other dogs, loves people (both big and little) and is healthy and current on all vaccinations.  Ralph is one of those rare dogs who wants to believe the best of everyone he meets.  At 72# he's not what we would call a large dog, but he's not a tiny toy either.


Ralph is not hyper but he does like a good walk, a run, camping with the family would be a wonderful thing for this city dog.  He's looking forward to spending time outside with his family this winter.


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View the item details KEETAH - Akita girl - 3 years

Keetah (like Akita only without the A) is a pretty girl who came to us originally from Denver Dumb Friends where she was an owner surrender after having mistaken the family's Jack Russell Terrier for a squeak toy.  Keetah tells me it was an honest mistake.  The folks at DDF felt she would do better in an Akita rescue where there would be Akita people who understand Akitas.  Good plan ... we love the DDF folks and are happy to partner with them.


As long as you're not a Jack Russell (or a cat) there's really nothing not to like about Keetah.  She likes both adults children and is gentle and loving.  She is spayed, house trained and a very large and stunning brindle Akita girl.  She does need a 6' fence and enjoys going for walks and would make a great running companion.



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BlueMoonFiller STEVEN = Ginger Tabby CAT

Watch here for pictures and the story of why Steven, Blue Moon's favorite orange tabby cat is now looking for a new home. 

View the item details GOOGLE - Male Akita, about 4 years old

Google is a big friendly boy who loves to be loved.  He's always got a smile on his face and is always ready to make a new friend.  Google was raised with children in Wichita KS and was with that family from the time he was a puppy.


Google is now looking for a new home because his people accepted a job in a distant state and were going to be living in corporate housing that did not allow dogs.  So Google packed his bags and came to Denver.


What a nice boy.  Google is the ultimate friendly guy who loves meeting new people and new situations.  Google is not shy and is very loving.   He is accustomed to being a house dog and thinks the only time he should be outside is to play with his family or "take care of business". 



About the only thing Google isn't particularly good about is cats.  He seems to want to play but when the cat runs, the prey drive kicks in. 


Google is selective about other dogs and needs positive introductions and supervision if he is going to be expected to live with another dog.  He's very large and a little bit goofy (he may be Diva's country cousin) and his size alone is intimidating to some other dogs. 



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Sophie 2 SOPHIE - Female Akita - under 5 years

I'm Sophie and I am told I am a pretty girl (I'm not full of myself like that Diva dog that lives next to me) but  I tend to be just a little shy around new people I